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Welcome to Tiddlywinks Preschool

A relaxed atmosphere where children and teachers enjoy working and playing together.

Our Centre

Our preschool provides a stimulating environment where children can be children with lots of learning through play.  Through planning and programme development we ensure that the children learn to their full potential and are encouraged to use their imagination, problem solving and negotiation skills.

Under Twos

(0-2 years)

Tiddlywinks Preschool provides a nurturing and supportive environment for our littlest people.

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Over Twos

(2-5 years)

Our enthusiastic and passionate teachers aim to make the most of these important years.

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Meet our Staff


We have a motivated and passionate staff of 12, who are committed to providing the best care & learning environment for your child.

Our Philosophy

At Tiddlywinks Preschool we aim to provide a nurturing, fun, relaxed environment for children to learn in and where whānau are welcome. Having an environment where children are relaxed and able to have fun and learn enables children to become confident and capable learners. We want children to leave the centre to go to school with the skills needed to achieve and succeed.

We will make nature and the natural world an everyday part of our centre programme and environment.

We will be an active part of the community through outings, walks around the neighbourhood and to the ‘forest’ as well as having visitors to the centre. We will encourage the children to learn about, respect and take care of the environment.

We will have a motivated and passionate team of teachers who complement each other and who enjoy their work and enjoy being part of the team. Teachers will talk with parents/whānau regarding their children’s progress and development through profile books, notice board displays and conveying relevant information on a daily basis.

The daily programme and curriculum at Tiddlywinks Preschool will support children’s cultural and spiritual beliefs, encourage further understanding and respect for other cultures in New Zealand. It will also be linked to the principles, strands and goals of Te Whāriki, the Early Childhood Curriculum Document. All policies and practices in the centre will reflect the dual cultural heritage of the partners of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.




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At Tiddlywinks Preschool children are encouraged to explore and develop a sense of wonder through natural resources and experiences. We have a small, homely setting where we make the most of the outside spaces with natural materials such as logs, drift wood, shells, grass, sand, mud, stones and water. The children are encouraged to use their imagination and develop their problem solving and negotiation skills through play.We believe that getting our children back to the basics and reconnecting with nature will help them in all areas of their development that will continue well past early childhood.

Tiddlywinks Preschool Outings

By having low teacher/child ratios we are able to take the children out into the community often.

We visit our forest down by the river walking track most weeks. Here the children explore the forest, finding insects and plants as well as making huts and role playing. Rain or shine the children love exploring the forest and we have wet weather gear for them to use on rainy days.

We also walk to the local playground regularly with the children, sometimes with small groups and sometimes with the whole centre.

The children love walking to the shopping centre and buying fruit and vegetables for them to eat and to feed our rabbit.

The local garden centre is minutes from Tiddlywinks and the children enjoy taking a trip there to get more plants for our garden and also seeing all the animals they have in their farmyard.

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At Tiddlywinks we believe in the importance of having animals as part of our centre. Caring for animals teaches children respect, responsibility, empathy, compassion and helps cognitive and communication skills. We have our own special centre pets as well as animals that visit the centre.


Our centre focus is taken from the children interests. These can last anywhere from one month to one year depending on how long the children are interested in the subject. The teachers will extend the children’s learning in these topics by providing age appropriate resources, activities, outings and visitors.

Tiddlywinks Preschool School Readiness

We believe in children being allowed to set their own pace and make their own choices therefore all activities including “pre” school skills such as writing, reading and self- care skills are offered to all children regardless of age and ability. We have a good relationship with all the local schools and before the children begin we take a small group to visit the school they will be attending. We keep in touch with the new entrance teachers so we know what skills are needed when starting school.





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    Please give us a ring to discuss your child’s future with Tiddlywinks Preschool, we look forward to speaking with you. Phone: 03 307 0420