Tiddlywinks Preschool Over Twos (2-5 years)

The Over Two’s at Tiddlywinks Preschool is full of enthusiastic and passionate teachers that aim to make the most of these important years. This area allows tamariki to experience the environment around them in a safe and supportive way through a range of domains. They can develop their independence and individuality whilst knowing that they have the support and guidance of a teacher at every step. The tamariki experience our natural environment through walks to the forest and the local park where they can let their imaginations do the talking! The relationships that develop between kaiako (teachers), tamariki (children) and whānau (families) are invaluable and we strive to build strong bonds that will endeavour to help achieve our goal of our tamariki becoming confident, competent learners whilst still being able to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Tiddlywinks Preschool Over Twos

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“Children enjoy respectful and caring relationships with their teachers. Teachers involve themselves in the children’s play and engage them in conversations about their learning. They encourage children to use a range of resources to extend their ideas and thinking. Children work well independently and in small groups.”

~ Education review office 2016